Following the interest of the children, we have had the Lego out on the table this week for the children to build different structures. They have been able to choose the correct shapes that they need to build with, either big, small square or rectangle. They have been naming the shapes, sorting pieces into colours and building brilliant structures, PHEW! What a lot of learning that has gone on in one activity!












At the playdough table, the children have had various shaped playdough cutters to create playdough faces, round, oval, square and triangle.






At the mark making table the children have been colouring in their favourite characters like Peppa pig, Cows and Farm Animals, demonstrating good fine motor skills and pencil control.







The children put toys that could move in the water tray this week, they were exploring how they worked, how to turn them on, and observed them moving in the water.







We collected leaves, sticks and moss on Friday to put into our sensory tray on Monday for the children to observe, and describe the various textures.













The Children set up a pretend birthday picnic this week!





PARENTS: There are a lot of blue communication books and book bags that are missing please speak to a member of staff if you need a new one Thank you!

Have a brilliant half term Holidays spending quality time with family and friends, see you all again on Monday 30th October!
From Everyone in the FSU – Little Robins Class