Thank you for being amazing parents whilst we have been sorting out our daily routines, we think we have it all sorted now so thank you for your support with this.The children have all been really keen to explore their new environment and beginning to understand our new routines and boundaries. I hope you have all been introduced to now to our new member of staff in Little Robins Class Vicky Bond, who will be working on Thursdays and Fridays

The children have been really engaged in making puzzles this week, showing an understanding of shapes and space.

The children have made playdough, weighing the ingredients, describing the different textures and using lots of various tools to cut the playdough.

In the sand tray the children added lots of diggers and cars making roads and hiding them in the sand for other children to find or making sand castles.

In our water tray we had our fishing game, they have been practising recognising their numbers on the fish, counting how many fish are in their net or colour sorting into groups.

we had some caterpillar’s visit us in Little Robins class the children were very brave and gentle holding them carefully.

In our sensory tray we had lots of stones for the children to explore filling up the various trucks with stones and counting how many!



The children have really engaged in Musical Instruments being able to pick them off the shelf and play with them
Have a great weekend with family and friends.


From Everyone in Little Robins Class in our amazing Foundation Stage Unit